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Configuration of stone production line

 The configuration of stone production line is the problem that every salesman must care and face. Generally speaking, we need to do things following:
Firstly, to make sure the ore properties, geologic structure has three parts: clay, ore and rock. Rock can be divided into volcanic rock, sedimentary rock and metamorphic rock. The rock hardness, structure and so on all need to be known clearly.
Secondly, system producing ability: peak production capacity per day, per week, per month. Determining whether the crushing process is open or closed. Opening circuit is the material fell down througn the griddle only once and the left need not to be crushed. Closed circuit is unqualified material continue to be sieved. Screening is very important, because the qualified material meeting the requirements is be seperated, which can reduce the crusher load, reduce energy consumption. In a word, configuration of stone production line needs to notice: ore properties, mineral density, water content, feed grain size, process configuration, and final product size, etc.
    Evaluation a gravel stone production line has two important points: firstly, meeting the system capable of handling. Secondly, the follow-up process need to meet the requirements of broken ore particle size. For the buyers, investment benefit is their first concern . They usually consider power consumption, wearing parts , the price, market conditions. Configuration of stone production line is a system project, we need make a comprehensive consideration.

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