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Maintenance Skills of Stone Crusher in Low Temperature

The quality of stone crusher is not only related to the manufacture technique but also correlated with the maintenance. The regular maintenance makes the equipment work efficiently and extends the lifespan. When the temperature is low, the maintenance is more important. Therefore, we need to begin with oil-change, braking and clearance.   

The choice of fuel oil affects the fluent operation of stone crusher. As the fuel oil has freezing point, the one used in summer will be sticky and flow slowly in low temperature. Therefore, -10#,-20#,-35# fuel oils are common in winter. The lubrication oil also need to be changed. For the drive system, the most important is brake fluid. We need to check the character and amount. When we change lubrication oil of stone crusher, the cleaning is also in demand. As for the clearance of stone crusher, it concludes the working device’s surface, chassis and diesel engine. When cleaning the machine, we should also check if there is damaged place.   

Shanghai Shunky is specialized in the producing of stone crusher, we have rich experience in the aspect of maintenance. Please call us for inquiry.             

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