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The project case of Sand Making Plant in Beijing

Application requirements: cobblestone, limestone, barite, marble, granite, basalt, etc.
Capacity: 100-1000t/h (the single Sand Making Plant)
Configuration plan: configure the Sand Making Plant of 1000~20000t/h.
Constructor: we provide the services:

1. the hole construction service from the design, construction to installation of Sand Making Plant.
2. a set of equipment and spare parts of Sand Making Plant.
3. After-sales service of Sand Making Plant

The project case:
1. Beijing, 150t sand and 50t stone per hour.
2. The Sand Making Plant of 5000t per day for Cement in Tianjin.



Sand Making Plant concentrates the high technology of crushing, screening, conveying, control technology. With high production efficiency, Sand Making Plant can provide perfect product. The Sand Making Plant employs ASZ Series Dual-channel closed-circuit television monitoring system, which can realize remote monitoring and electronic metering. This help solve the management, increase the efficiency and reduce the cost.

The feature of Sand Making Plant configured by Shunky:
1. The investment is the 2/1~1/3 of general Sand Making Plant with the same capacity.
2. The cost of one ton sand is the 40~60% of the general Sand Making Plant。
3. The automation of the Sand Making Plant is high which need less human to operate.
The first Sand Making Plant configured by Shanghai Shunky runs in August 8, 2010 in Beijing.

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